Drappier Champagne

Drappier Champagne

At Relish we’re proud to partner with Drappier, the finest boutique Champagne producer, as its exclusive importer in Jersey.

Why Drappier? We consider Drappier to be the perfect fit for us. At Relish our focus is in sourcing and supplying the best foods and wines available. Drappier’s sole focus, unlike that of the familiar high-volume Champagne houses, is on producing the best product possible. Known as “the Champagne the sommeliers drink”, there’s a reason why it’s served at the Elysée Palace and at The White House: when you want to choose a special Champagne to serve to special people, you choose Drappier.

Not only is it consistently rated among the best Champagnes in the world, Drappier’s production is also sustainable, and carbon-neutral. A sustainability pioneer, Drappier has a “minimal intervention and maximum information” policy: its Champagne is unfiltered, and has the lowest level of sulphur usage of any producer – three of its Champagnes being “Brut Nature” – sulphur free. Inside or outside the bottle, Champagne Drappier has nothing to hide; terroir, origin of the grapes, blend, dosage, vinification process, and date of disgorgement are all displayed on the bottle. 

Drappier is family-owned, and is today under the stewardship of Michel Drappier. His children, Charline, Hugo and Antoine, are the eighth generation of the family to work in the business, which uses cellars built by Cistertian monks in the 12th Century, and vineyards established by the Romans.

We always have bottles and half-bottles in stock, and can provide the larger format bottles, from Magnums up to Melchizedeks, by special order.



Carte d’Or

150ml £19.95/Bottle £35.00

75% Pinot Noir, 15% Chardonnay, 10% Meunier

The Carte d’Or cuvée is the very expression of the Drappier style, with its very high proportion of Pinot Noir. This is a Champagne with a fine aromatic richness, it opens with aromas of stoned fruits such as white vineyard peach. A spicy hint announces a powerful and complex palate. A lovely, complex Champagne with a characteristic note of quince jelly, white peach and spice.

Ideal as an aperitif. At the table it goes with white meats, rolled fish fillets, Chaource cheese.

Blanc de Blancs SIGNATURE

Bottle £40.00

95% Chardonnay, 5% Blanc Vrai

As its name suggests, this white Champagne is made exclusively from white grapes, in this case Chardonnay, but also with a splash of Pinot Blanc (called Blanc Vrai) added to increase its complexity and roundness.

The nose brings to mind white peach and pear but also more floral notes such as peony. On the palate a mineral Champagne, lightly biscuity, creamy, supple, seductive.

Ideal as an aperitif and it goes superbly well with white meats, chilled smoked salmon with citrus fruits, or tagliatelle with Jersey scallops.


Bottle £40.00

100% Pinot Noir

Dosage is the addition of sugared wine once the fermentation process is completed. In this case, no sugar is added, resulting in a dry Champagne. Vermilion gold in colour, the nose is of freshly pressed black grapes, red, white and citrus fruits. It has an ample palate with flesh of vineyard peach and bouquet of aromatic herbs with small spicy notes in the finish. A fine, tightly knit Champagne of great purity.

Ideal as an aperitif. The perfect accompaniment for Jersey seafood, sashimi or even soft goat’s cheese.


Bottle £46.00

100% Pinot Noir

A rosé produced using the saignée method, no dosage, no filtering, the Brut Nature Rosé is a cuvée which will delight lovers of freshness, minerality and purity. With hints of rose petals, strawberries and raspberries, citrus fruits, mandarin orange and also white pepper, the Brut Nature Rosé unveils another facet of rosé Champagne.

Ideal as an aperitif. It goes perfectly with salmon carpaccio or local Jersey scallops, sushi and grilled meats.


Bottle £48.00

100% Pinot Noir

This Champagne is all about purity. Sulphites are widely used in wine making for their antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
They play an important role in preventing oxidization. In this Champagne, no sulphur is added, allowing the Pinot Noir to express itself in total freedom. Notwithstanding the lack of dosage, it exhibits a remarkable roundness thanks to the maturity of the fruit and the time spent in the cellars, this cuvée evokes lovely apples and Williams’ pears, with a hint of lemon and hazelnuts. On the palate it is a very dry, mineral Champagne bursting with life. It will delight enthusiasts and purists on the lookout for new taste bud sensations. Recommended for those allergic to sulphur.

Ideal as an aperitif. The perfect accompaniment for local seafood, sashimi or even soft goat’s cheese.


Bottle £75.00

55 % Pinot Noir, 45 % Chardonnay

This Champagne presents itself in a ravishing pale yellow robe with nuances of topaz.
Time has used its patina to reveal the wine’s complexity. Hawthorn blends with acacia honey, beeswax and marzipan. When it is aerated, quince jelly meets raspberry jam and alternates with bergamot and warm brioche. On the palate it is invigorating, imposing

and it teases the taste buds.. This harmony is extended in a delicate minerality and a lovely bitterness in which hints of mandarin orange come through.

Ideal as an exclusive aperitif. It goes perfectly with bouillon of lobster and grapefruit, poached turbot with hollandaise sauce, carpaccio of Jersey scallop, rack of lamb with foie gras, creamed Bresse fowl with truffles, Comté St Antoine at least 18 months old.


Bottle £95.00

With 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay

This Champagne combines the strength
of Pinot Noir and the elegant discretion of Chardonnay. This bled rosé is made with unfiltered Chardonnay and benefits from wood matured dosage. The bouquet is outstanding, offering up a superb synthesis of delicacy and complexity in its constellation of wild strawberries, white cherries, wheat toast, dried rose petals, a lovely base of chalky soil and gentle smokiness in the upper register. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied, crisp and complex, with a fine core, elegant mousse, brisk acids and excellent focus and grip on the very, very long and youthfully zesty finish. A very refined Champagne that will only improve with further bottle age.

Ideal as an exclusive aperitif. To accompany saffron creamed Jersey mussels, Jersey lobster salad, lamb shank or Jersey monkfish and of course red berried fruits such as strawberries.


Bottle £46.00

60 % Pinot Noir, 40 % Chardonnay

Millésime is the French word for “vintage” and notes the year in which the wine was produced and bottled. “Vintage” refers to the date in which grapes are harvested, undergo the vinification process to turn them into wine, and are bottled or stored for additional ageing. So this wine reflects the grapes of a particular year. A very complex, rich nose revealing hints of white fruits, almond and fresh ginger. In the mouth it is lightly creamy with good tightness and a suggestion of brioche. A floral touch testifies to the high proportion of Chardonnay while the depth of the Pinot Noir is expressed in the form of red fruits and appealing bitter notes.

Ideal as an aperitif. Perfect with grilled fennel and lemon Jersey sea bass, risotto, seared Jersey sole and a traditional blanquette of veal.

Rosé de Saignée

150ml £21.00/Bottle £40.00

92 % Pinot Noir, 8 % Chardonnay

Drappier is one of the very few Champagne houses producing rosé by the saignée method. Saignée describes a method of rosé winemaking that involves “bleeding”
off a portion of red wine juice after it’s been in contact with the skins and seeds, the resulting Champagne will be richer and more concentrated.

This Pinot Noir rosé is very well structured, with exemplary purity of red fruits. A striking Champagne on the nose offering similar sensations on the palate. Warm and satiny, lightly spiced with balanced hints of stoned fruits. On the palate it is remarkably expressive and extremely fresh, with a subtle trace of liquorice in the finish.

Ideal as an aperitif. Perfect with antipasti, salmon en papillotte, grilled pink lamb, strawberry salad.