Grappa Frassino from Bepi Tosolini

Grappa Frassino from Bepi Tosolini

The finest of grappe, for Tosolini it is important that the wood-ageing does not impart any undesirable flavours into the distillate, so the spirits are aged in ash wood. The intention is not to produce a cognac-style spirit, which reflects the character from its cask ageing, but rather to enhance the delicate aromas obtained from the grape must with the light and well-integrated flavours in the wood. Rested in ash barriques giving it a light golden shade and a delicate, fruity aroma with a hint of vanilla, spring flowers and just a touch of fresh almonds.

It shows persistence and balance with a little structure from the wood and fresh vinous flavours.

Finishes with a tickle from the spirit and a fresh zesty lift on the tongue.

We love the mellow strength of this fine grappa.