Fabulous Cheese Fondue

Fabulous Cheese Fondue

We are delighted to announce that with effect from Friday, 3rd October we are introducing the most fabulous cheese fondues to our restaurant menu.

Made with the finest of Swiss cheeses to our own recipe, this is another wonderful grazing experience for you to enjoy with a group of friends of 4 or more. You will be able to dip a collection of the finest of breads, beef and pork chorizo, peppers, carrots, cauliflower, radishes and fruit, enough to satisfy even the hungriest person.

Choose between the House Fondue, Blue Cheese Fondue or a luxurious Truffle Fondue for a truly exceptional meal, washed down with the finest of our Deli wines.

Booking on Friday evenings is essential.

Enjoy Grazing With Relish!