Liqueur de Paris

Liqueur de Paris

This is a great liqueur!

Liqueur de Paris is made from  sloes which are macerated with neutral beet’s alcohol, then are distilled in a small  traditional still. The distillate  is then blended with other secret ingredients in the final recipe which is  slightly flavoured and well balanced.

Its colour is  clear, amber and golden and it has a  wonderful flavour of sweet almond with notes of wild berries and can be enjoyed before or after meals, neat with ice, or with tonic and a  slice of fresh lemon.

Liqueur de Paris is also a perfect versatile spirit for sublime cocktails.

Why not try out these cocktails over the festive period:


Pour into a  flute 3 cl of LIQUEUR de PARIS and 0,5  cl of Blue Curacao then 9 cl of chilled Champagne. Stir slightly and garnish  with one or two Maraschino cherries.

4 cl  LIQUEUR de PARIS, 2 cl Cognac VSOP, 1,5 cl fresh lemon juice, a splash of orange bitter.  Shake, strain and pour into a wide brimmed champagne glass over cracked ice. Decorate with  a sprinkling of grated cinnamon.

4 cl LIQUEUR de PARIS, 3 cl orange juice, 3 cl pineapple juice, 1 cl lime  juice.  Shake, strain and serve.