Panforte by Sapori di Siena

Panforte by Sapori di Siena

We are delighted to be able to reintroduce these wonderful panforti from the world renowned Sienese producers. Panforte is perhaps one of the oldest sweets in Italy, dating back through the centuries to the introduction of new spices from afar, via the naval port of Pisa. Panforte is sticky but irresistible, and is normally eaten in winter, perhaps with coffee and liqueurs after a meal. A small piece is sufficient to tell you about the complexity of the spices used at that time.

The Marguerita is a delightful blend of almonds, spices, candied orange and citron peel and candied melon. A soft, scrumptious centre, caressed by a sprinkle of sugar, that gives you a taste of the most age-old Sienese confectionary tradition.

The Panforte Morbido has a rich, unmistakable flavour and is exalted by the irresistibly soft texture. Dedicated to those seeking rich, intriguing emotions.

The Panforte Fondente extra has a luscious glaze of 70% extra dark chocolate which covers the classic Panforte. Two intense tastes, in perfect harmony in a unique, delicious Sapori specialty.


Again, we are afraid we have only a limited supply of these delicacies.